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In the case of visual advertisements, it is necessary to get the complete attention of customers at the time of their interaction with the ad.

In order to catch customers’ attention even when they aren’t actively participating one can use Promotional Audio or Audio Ads. Audio Ads is the method of streaming promotional content in audio form.

Audio Ads are proving excellence from ages

Audio Ads have been an important way for promotion for a long time. Starting with messengers with funnels as loudspeakers, radios, moving vehicles with speakers, etcetera, have proved the success achieved in getting customers’ attention by the usage of audio visual communication and hence attracting the action required. 

In modern times, audio Ads still play a huge role, especially because of the audio listening culture of modern youth, forcing even YouTube to launch YouTube music for staying relevant.

Ways of Audio Advertisement

Audio advertising today has large possibilities.

Businesses can stream the audio in the digital world with the help of radios, podcasts, music streaming services, audiobook streaming services. The devices in this case also range from a small streaming device, mobile phones to smart speakers, desktops and televisions.

Besides this, traditional methods of moving vehicles can also be used in strategic audio visual communication. Traditional method works very well in the case of providing informational content.

Types of Audio Advertisements

It is the most basic form of audio advertisement where businesses simply inform customers about the benefits of businesses and ask them to take certain calls to action providing sales to businesses.

These are the content containing social messages or other kinds of information which indirectly ask customers to contribute in business by taking an action which will be of their benefit but will also benefit business in long run if customer takes the action as suggested in strategically designed audio visual communication.

This involves telling customers some entertainment content like stories and asking them indirectly to take action in favour of the business.

Similar to storytelling this tells customers some story part by part in different ads arranged in a sequence.


 It is helpful in grabbing attention even when customers are on go. 

Audio Ads are very helpful in generating brand awareness as it helps in grabbing customer attention even when they are not actively participating.

The content used in such cases for spreading audio visual communication should be catchy and should have the capability of being remembered for long. If prepared strategically with repetitive terminologies, brand awareness would be the sure result of advertisement

It is cheaper to prepare and release audio advertisements as compared to other forms of ads. Besides being cheaper, audio Ads successfully provides the required results, this makes audio Ads cost effective.

Cost effectiveness of audio advertisements along with its capability of grabbing attention and generating brand awareness, makes it one of the essential components of marketing strategy of small businesses with the help of audio visual communication.

The biggest reason for businesses avoiding geographical relocation or expansion is the fear of starting from the start and the need of creating brand awareness and expanding into a wider scale.

Both the generations consume audio streaming services from different devices either in the form of music, stories or some podcasts.

Audio Ads can be used for targeting in a very close manner. For example for providing ads of cakes, ads can run during podcasts related to wedding preparations. Thus targeting only the audience with buying intent through audio visual communication.

Audios recorded for audio ads can also be used into a pocket friendly video ad by putting in just some static images instead of preparation of a new video ad from scratch which are usually costly. 

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 Audio Ads may be cheap but if not prepared strategically they may not provide required result.

Before starting Audio advertisement businesses should take following precautions:

Understand the audience segment targeted in your audio visual communication and where they spend their time, on which audio device or streaming services will you be able to find them, what kind of content do they listen to.

Make sure to add a clear and achievable call to action in order to ensure that customers do interact with business and not just the ad.

Strategically plan the mix of various promotional content to reach the business. A single audio advertisement at a single place would not provide the desired result.

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