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As an old proverb says “Action speaks louder than words”, similarly, using a business portfolio is the easiest and most convincing way to tell that your work is worth it. 

Making a business portfolio is important but in order to make it more interesting business portfolio can be combined with video portfolio.

Introduction to Video Portfolio

Video Portfolio is elaborating your business work and skills with the help of videos.

These videos are usually short and include your resume, past work, recommendations, awards, and a unique style that tells customers how your business differentiates from the competitors. 

Need of Company Portfolio in video form

Unlike long articles or portfolios full of content, videos are lighter. These are fun to watch and thus seek more attention from a larger audience.

 If your target customer segment or the buying influencers of your product or services is younger generation like millennials that video content is the best way to share information for your company portfolio.

The attention span of millennials are shorter as compared to older generations and in order to get a message across them, the message needs to be highly attractive or the manner in which the message is conveyed should include fun elements to it. 

Unlike non-video portfolios or brochures, video brochures allow business to demonstrate the work while performing the task and not just say what all a business can do. This makes it easier for the audience to believe in whatever is being told to them. 

Conveying your business benefits through videos as the company portfolio makes your message fun and easier to understand.

 If strategically used, video portfolios can become a great source of customer interaction. Businesses may get to know which content or work the customer is liking or disliking the most, answer customers’ queries & grievances and build personal connections.

The videos, if successful in generating interest in the mind of customers, will create a long lasting impression as people can remember the videos longer than normal texts or images. 

Still not sure whether your business needs a Video Portfolio?

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Getting attention through videos is easy but getting conversion through them could be tricky if not strategically designed.

A portfolio should be made keeping in mind the following points: 

Videos should not be very long as it may lead to drop-off without completion. 

Just like any other promotional content, videos should convey your uniqueness. If your content doesn’t show how you are different from competitors, it may lead to zero conversions. 

Don’t make it difficult for customers to reach your best works by putting everything you have ever done as videos in your company portfolio, you risk customers not reaching for your best work as they may get tired seeing everything. 

Keep the video quality high, a low video quality having chances of buffering or videos not suiting to all device types, may create a bad impression for your business. A bad quality video brochure is worse than having no video brochure at all.

Put the right call to action as customers can become lazy and use videos as only some entertainment content without reaching the level of conversion.

Generate curiosity of the result achievable by following easy calls to action in company portfolio.

The final and most important precaution is proofreading the content. Before trying to make the video portfolio viral, make sure to check every detail, show the videos to your friends and family and trustable customers.

This will help in getting true feedback and saving the business from getting attention for something unwanted or from a non- strategic audience. 

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Before dwelling into video portfolio learn more about Brochures  in order to understand the need of company portfolio and precautions to be taken for creating successful business portfolio

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