Logo Designing

What is a logo?

The logo is the process of giving a brand visual representation unique to a company as a whole or a brand of the company.

Why should businesses use logos?


Remember a story told by the elders when you were a kid?

Wasn’t that story easier to remember than the lessons taught to you at the same age. 

Ever imagined why?

The magic ingredient to the stories is their capability to generate imagination. The magical effect is created by logos while speaking to your customers in many of the following ways:

  1. Grabs attention targeted by various businesses
  2. Providing the right first impression
  3. Telling an exciting story by giving a visual representation of your brand name
  4. Informing customers about your brand values
  5. Making your brand easily memorable
  6. Creating an identity distinct from your competitors
  7. Creates a feeling of trust by giving visible proof of your lawful existence

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Does all logos create a similar effect?

Do you remember all the stories you heard in your childhood? 

For most of your customers the story should be very unique, interesting and have curiosity generating capabilities in order to grab important portion of their busy minds.

So, what differentiates logo of average brands and winning brand names?

A successful brand logo requires effort from branding, designing, and various other teams of a designing agency like Mufasa who will design not an image but will give a visual representation to your brand story and make your logo :

  • Unique enough to differentiate you from your competitor.
  • Have required timelessness to avoid the need to change it for a long period of time even with changing seasons.
  • Versatile enough to remain presentable with your business expansions.
  • Scalable enough to reach out to your audience at whatever virtual or physical place they are available.

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