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How many videos do a human go through in a single day? 

Statistics have shown that humans are spending more and more time scrolling through various videos including educational content, promotional content, and entertainment etcetera. The reason for this is the personalized way with which videos interact with its audience. 

 This makes Video Marketing one of the most essential and strategic elements of any business’s marketing mix 

Types of Videos used for Marketing

Videos as a part of marketing mix is nothing but strategic usage of videos in various digital platforms for getting your message across the audience, getting attention or moving customers upper in the sales funnel and even building personal connection with customers.. 

Do all videos create a similar effect?

The answer is obviously  No

Various types of videos convey different kinds of messages with the help of video marketing:

Providing audience information about a product, a problem, some solution, etcetera. It is usually used for getting customers’ attention and motivating them to take the services.

Providing customers information about what a product is, how and why it should be used. This type of videos are used to create product or service awareness as well as brand awareness, if strategically scripted with help of professional marketers 

Telling the potential customers about the satisfaction of business customers. These videos generate trust and add credibility to business messages, when used strategically in video marketing.

These videos are again very useful in adding credibility to the brand and make customers take informed decision

Event Videos are usually created either to invite audience to the events or building brand awareness and conviction.


Promotions can be done through various ways, so why should one include videos in their promotional mix? 

Unless and until customers trust a business, they wouldn’t respond positively to such a business’s effort in building a long-term relationship. Customers will come on their own when trust is generated with the help of video marketing without much sales efforts.

Videos are one of the assured ways to reach the customers heart. This is because videos add human elements to the promotion. In the case of other forms of digital advertisement, it is only the screen that the audience sees. Adding a face to the text, has psychological effects in generating better personal connection.

 Humans tend to follow what others in the community do. Businesses may convince customers to follow the suit of what other customers like them did by usage of testimonial videos in video marketing.

Videos, if strategically prepared, keep the audience engaged for longer as compared to other promotional methods and thus increases the time customers spend on your site and not with your competitor. 

Statistics have shown that today’s generation prefer videos over other forms of content and thus engaging videos are an assured way to fulfilling business goals if prepared with an edge to edge strategy.

As videos help in creating intimate connection through trust, engagement and personalized trust, it is a great tool to build brand awareness.

Still not sure in video marketing what type of video will suit your needs?

Share your business goals with us and get a customized marketing strategy developed with our team of experts.



Does all the video work in an equally successful manner for every business?

The answer to this is obvious NO, in order to make a video successful proper strategy is needed. It is also important to keep the following precautions in mind: 

Understand your goal:

Your video should be scripted, recorded, edited and even posted based on your business goal. Each business goal like brand awareness, generating traffic, sales etcetera when initiated through video marketing needs different kinds of videos to be posted in different platforms.

Don’t leave loopholes:

Before you prepare a video, each point should be mapped in a proper script in order to ensure customers are satisfied completely.

Length of Video:

Your video should neither be very long, not too short. Length of the video will differ according to your business goals, script, platform, audience preference and even competitors actions. 

Put a clear message:

Strategically scripted videos, conveys the message you need, strategically hidden behind what you are saying but still providing the clarity wanted in customers’ mind using video marketing. 

Right Visuals:

Visuals may either improve or destroy the experience of your video. Hence, visuals should be chosen carefully with the help of professional graphic designers.

Titles and descriptions: 

This may seem like a negligent part but plays a huge role in ensuring that your video reaches the right audience. Even after reaching the right audience, description plays a huge role in making the customer play the video. 

Proper Call to Action: 

Guide the audience in taking the steps beneficial for business. Engaging customers and driving long- term sales for business is the main aim for using video marketing

Need help in creating a strategically and creatively strong video for your audience?

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