Refund Policy

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Our refund policy was created to specify the instances in which Mufasa will issue a refund, the procedure for claiming a refund, and Mufasa’s duty in such cases. By enrolling for any of our services, you confirm that you accept and agree to all of the terms and conditions indicated in the return policy.

1. Coverage & Scope

(a) Our refund policy applies to refunds issued by Mufasa for services delivered to you by Mufasa-the Business Updaters.

(b) This policy does not apply to firms that Mufasa does not own or control, nor to individuals who are not Mufasa’s employees or managers.

(c) This includes any third-party service and/or product suppliers bound by contract, as well as any third-party websites to which Mufasa’s website link.

3. Refund Conditions

At Mufasa, every project is essential to us, and we make every effort to handle each one with care and professionalism. Our goal is to give the best graphics as per modern industry standards to take your brand to the top. However, despite all measures, if the client is not pleased with the outcomes and prefers to go through the dispute resolution procedure, we assess refund requests in two parts:

(a) Proportionate refund: In cases where the project has not been started or the initial design style ( the sample) has not been approved, a refund will be provided to the extent of advance payment made by the client for such samples.
(b) No refund: When the final services have already been provided based on the sample or the details shared by the client. If the client is not satisfied with any level of work, he must immediately bring it to the notice of our project manager and ask for necessary resolutions. Any negotiations at a later date will not be entertained.

4. Invalid Refund Requests

(a) The refund will be void if the preceding payments are not cleared.

(b) The refund policy is not applicable if the necessary information for a successful settlement of the issue is not provided to us on time. Mufasa cannot be held responsible for delays or failures in issue resolution due to incorrect or delay in communication on your end.

(c) If the brand name and business details provided for the sample creations were wrong or changed later after sample creation , we are unable to take responsibility of such mistaken information.

(d) There is no provision to compensate for the delay in delivery under any conditions, until and unless there is an agreement signed with a penalty clause for delay in delivery.

5. Refund Duration

Refunds will be processed within 7-14 business days after confirmation and will be issued using the agreed-upon payment method. It might involve cash payments, Paytm payments, phone payments, or bank account payments.

6. Changes

Mufasa may at any time, without prior notice under its sole discretion, amend this policy from time to time. You are therefore requested to review this policy periodically. Your continued use of  Mufasa’s services after any such amendments automatically implies your acceptance of the same thereof.

Contacting us regarding our refund policy

If you have queries or suggestions regarding our refund policies kindly e–mail us at or WhatsApp us at 9695509773

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