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Why should businesses post on Social Media?

With India becoming Digital India, time spent on the internet and dependence on online sources for information is increasing immensely.

This makes online presence a must especially at social media sites, where most time is spent by customers.

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Types of Social Media Posts

1. Festive Posts

Indian culture is full of festivals and holidays, businesses interact with customers on such occasions through social media posts on days when customers actively participate on social media and create emotional connection with them with the help of Festive Posts on social media websites.

Why should you put Festive Posts?

 Get your customized festive posts, based on your customer segment for your social media posts

2. Competitive Posts

Contests or competition posts are made to engage your potential customers by making them do something for your brand which, in turn, will help them in achieving something as well.  

Why should you put Contest Posts?

3. Entertainment Posts

These are the posts to keep your customers entertained and may include content like memes.

Why should you use Entertainment Posts?

4. Educational Posts

Customers are overfilled with marketing content through various kinds of social media posts. In order to stand out in the social media wall of customers, a post, which serves customers by adding to their knowledge, helps businesses gain valuable share of customers’ time and trust.

Why should you put Educational Posts?

5. Infographics

Infographics are a way to present complex texts in an easy and memorable manner with the help of images representing such texts.

This makes content appealing, easier to comprehend in lesser attention span of audience making this quicker way of sending your message across

 Infographics include visual elements like icons, color coding, content elements like timeframes, statistics and references and knowledge elements like facts.

Why should you use infographics as a part of social media posts?

Do all posts give the same benefits?

The answer to this is the same as the answer that different diseases in different bodies have different solutions.

Similarly, different posts have different effects. Hence it is important to be cautious while preparing posts:

Putting the right content based on your customer segments needs in your social media posts.

Designs which speak to your customer without being too pushy.

Posting at the right platforms.

Preparing the right schedule for your posts.

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