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According to the statistics, we are living in the highest entertainment content consuming generation.

But does that mean all the content gets consumed equally? 

 If that’s the case then why aren’t all YouTube channels equally successful, why do some songs get the love of a complete audience and some songs don’t get only the critics negative attention? 

 A big part of the answer to this question is definitely the content itself but marketers and psychologists have proven time and again that not all human decisions are rational.

This has led to many great videos not succeeding because of not having professional sound effects for video. Ever thought why do big singers add effects to their songs while recording? 

 In order to make your video pleasant to human senses, one of the great tools is background effects 

Introduction to Background Effects

It is nothing but adding creative elements to your videos or songs by adding the audio effects which talk directly to human senses. It may be just simple background music, some special audio effects, or giving your audio finishing touch.

Why should one use Background Effects?

For making the audience listen to the complete audio, grabbing their attention is needed through sound effects for video.

Strategically and creatively added background effects catch the customer’s attention and make them stay to listen to the content a little more.  

Music plays a great role in generating different kinds of emotions and feelings. With the help of background music, you may make the audience associate more with your words and thus provide them the entertainment they want.

As an old proverb says, “People will forget what you said and did, but they will never forget how you make them feel”. Similarly, difference is felt in experience received through sound effects for video and plain narrative without effects.

If audience had a great experience spending time on videos, you can bring traffic not only to your present but also to past and future content.

There is not even a single content in today’s world that has only one maker. It is easy to make customers stick to your content but in order to make customers stick to you, the content provided by you should not only have the effects different from your competitors but also it should be more pleasant than theirs. 

Still not sure whether you need background sound effects for video?

Share your goals with us and get customized strategies for your content and audio effects unique for your work. 


Are all effects equally pleasant to all sets of audience?

The answer to this is obviously NO 

 In order to make your content standout, follow mentioned precautions while adding background effects:

Understand your audience: 

The content is made to be consumed by your audience and hence the effects should please them. Hence, the first step is understanding what your customers like and dislike and planning your content and its effects accordingly.

Understanding competition:

In order to win customers sound effects for video should be unique. Once you are aware of your competitors’ offerings, it becomes easier to stand out.

Understand your content:

Effects are added to ensure that your audience associates with your content. For that to happen, your effects should also resonate with your content. 

Don’t copy:

It is necessary to stay unique in the crowd in order to keep the audience coming back to you again and again.  

Need help in putting the right background effects in your content?

Share your business goals with us and get complete assistance from our team of experts in creating professional sound effects for video.


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